EU: Add On Another £37 Billion Please You’re British

LONDON - England - With an extra £37 billion bill from Brussels for the EU money pit, PM David Cameron is vowing to pay every penny to his EU masters.

David Cameron was today detailing the extra £37 billion the EU is asking Britain to pay, which does not include the measly £1.7 billion bill the EU ordered Britain to pay out of nowhere last month.

“Well, maths was not my key subject at school, however I have got Georgie boy to tot the numbers up. Hmm, let’s see, I think it’s 38.7 billion pounds now. I’d be delighted to write a cheque out on behalf of British taxpayers to the European Union for that small amount. We certainly do not need that money, we’ve got a surplus here, the NHS is doing very well and our welfare spending is tiny. We don’t have any road projects planned, or massive pot holes, we don’t have schools funding to deal with or housing problems,” Mr Cameron said from Number 10 Downing Street.