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West Florissant Twinned With Rodeo Drive Say Fashionistas

St. Louis - USA - Fashionistas from Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles have discovered a new town that is now breaking new barriers in style, money and pizzaz. Welcome to West Florissant Drive.

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“It’s beautiful here lots of flashing lights and lovely people. They have bonfires everywhere, with the smell of Wagyu steaks roasting over the open fire, at least that’s what I thought it was. The shopping is on a level all on its own, I mean where in the hell can you go in America without a card or cash and come away with racks of stuff you will never need. I picked up a rack of hair brushes from a store and some fly spray, it’s just wonderful. Rodeo Drive eat your heart out, W. Florrisant Drive is where it’s at,” Shaquanda Smith, a fashionista from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles told Vogue magazine.

The Vogue article also cites the beautiful people who walk the streets of West Florissant, mostly after dark.

“Our visit was a joyous affair. Everywhere we met really handsome and beautiful people, all courteous and willing to smile. Like, they were all models, they were so beautiful they hid their features with hoodies, and I got me some new eye liner, look at this it’s black and blue, hurts like hell,” another fashion lover wrote in the Vogue article.


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