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Monday, December 6, 2021
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Could Gaddafi Be Ozzy Osbourne’s Long Lost Brother?

TRIPOLI - Libya - He's always got his hands up in the air as he shuffles around mumbling incoherently. Now the mystery could be finally solved. Could Colonel Gaddafi be rock star, Ozzy Osbourne's long lost brother.

American Shooting Season Begins Early This Year

PHOENIX - Arizona - The start of the shooting season in America gets earlier and earlier each year victims of mass shootings have complained to media outlets.

Coalition Plan on Bringing Workhouses Back

LONDON - England - Britain's popular Coalition government are planning on bringing Victorian style workhouses back so that the poor and destitute UK population will have some kind of means of survival.

Sarah Palin Interview Could Clinch Election Say Campaigners

SOUTH CAROLINA - USA - A recent interview with the presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin, could clinch the election in 2012 say her campaigners and supporters.

Kim Jong-un May Be Too Sane For North Korea Job

PYONGYANG - North Korea - There were serious fears today for the pariah communist state, after it was revealed that Kim Jong Il's successor and son, Kim Jong-un, may actually be sane.

Luck of the Irish Downgraded Again

DUBLIN - Ireland - The phrase 'luck of the Irish' used to mean Irish adversity in difficult circumstances.

TSA Names New Airport X-Ray Machines 'Freedom Scanners'

NEW JERSEY - USA - First there were 'Freedom Fries', now there are 'Freedom Scanners', the TSA has announced.

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