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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Confused Wall Street Protesters Call For Re-election of Obama

NEW YORK - USA - What's wrong with this picture? A bunch of champagne socialists protest on Wall Street and demand that Barack Obama be re-elected in the next election.

Michelle Obama Told to Pay Back $10 Million Holiday Money

MARTHA'S VINEYARD - USA - Michelle Obama has told of her shame at taking $10 million worth of taxpayer funded holidays this year alone, and vows to pay back every cent of the money.

Sarah Palin Turkey Milkshake Recipe Revealed

WASSILA - USA - Sarah Palin demonstrated her Thanksgiving spirit by having a man demonstrate the making of an Alaskan milkshake recipe while she was being interviewed.

Barack Obama – Taking Away America's Guns

MONTANA - USA - Obama says: "There is no more need for an American to own a gun and internal arms policy will change to that effect soon enough."

US Election Results Leaked Early

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Despite election results being leaked by the automated voting software owners, Diebold, the respective candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama have agreed to carry on pretending to campaign in the last few hours before the voting booths open.

Ku Klux Klan Protesters Interrupt Obama Event

CORAL GABLES - USA - Barack Obama's rally at the University of Miami was briefly interrupted today after a dozen or so protesters began to wave home-made KKK signs.

McCain Cannot Wait to Drive His New Mobility Scooter in White...

WASHINGTON DC - USA - John McCain is eagerly anticipating testing out his new mobility scooter in the vast grounds of the White House.

Hillary Vows to Keep on Fighting for Presidency Even After Obama...

LOUISVILLE - USA - Touting a victory that "exceeded even our own expectations," Sen. Hillary Clinton's big win in West Virginia last night has proven to everyone that she is not going to lay down the gauntlet any time soon.

Obama Superdelegate Seen Flying Over Washington

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's an Obama Democrat superdelegate.

Nostradamus Obama Prophecies Revealed

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Scholars for the Smithsonian Institute have uncovered new interpretations that may relate to Barack Obama, the Illinois senator vying to become the next US president.

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