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Monday, March 1, 2021
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Did Liam Fox Spend Night With William Hague?

LONDON - England - It's another day in British politics and the sleaze is getting so sleazy that stains are now being left on hotel bedsheets.

Bullingdon Club Boys Caught on the Job Again

LONDON - England - The famous Bullingdon club has had another away day smash up and caused a lot of damage that needs to be paid for, shopkeepers and local restaurant owners have reported.

Tories Offer Lib Dems 4-Slice Toaster and Answering Machine

LONDON - England - Counteracting the Labour party who offered the Lib Dems a trouser press and digital alarm clock radio, the Tories are now offering the Lib Dems a 4-slice toaster and a telephone answering machine.

Tories to Inherit Britain’s Chav Generation

LONDON - England - Labour's legacy on Britain is a generation of young people who cannot read or write, have anti-social tendencies, are violent and unemployable.

Tories Relief After Brown Stays

LONDON - England - There was a collective sigh of relief from the Conservative party after Gordon Brown clung onto his job as unelected leader of the ruling Labour regime.

Tories Avoiding Election Win

LONDON - England - According to senior Conservatives, Britain is too far gone to even bother winning an election.

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