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AI Pioneers: The Internet is World’s Greatest Invention

ARIZONA - USA - The internet is the greatest gift to humanity and will be invaluable for the next stage of evolution, a group of artificial intelligence programmers have revealed.

Drudge Report: End of Internet Era

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The invasive Obama-led Net Neutrality will spell the end of the internet as we know it, where all forms of free speech and political discourse will be censored by the state. Websites like Drudge Report will be removed.

Google Algorithm Caught Fighting With Yahoo Algorithm

MOUNTAIN VIEW - USA - The Google and Yahoo algorithms have been caught in a massive internet brawl that threatened to shut down search requests all over the internet today.

New Device Shows How Many Social Media Likes You Have On...

LAS VEGAS - USA - A new startup company has come up with a novel idea that is sure to engage even more people into the social media revolution.

Twitter Trolls Found Under Waterloo Bridge

LONDON - England - Police have located numerous Twitter trolls congregating under Waterloo Bridge the BBC reports.

Comrade Cameron Says No More Internet For Proles

LONDON - England - Comrade Cameron and the Mumsnet Commissariat have ordered all proles to stop looking at previously legal carnal images and videos on the internet.

New Photo Dating App Just Yes or No Required

LONDON - England - New startup company Yess has come up with its latest dating app that they say will revolutionise dating forever.

10 Lists of Internet List Article Lists That Are Pointless and...

LONDON - England - We have compiled a list of 10 articles that have a list on a subject or something that's meant to be quirky but is actually not that good and bloody annoying.

Yahoo Set to Buy New Daily Squib Startup Fumblr

SAN JOSE - USA - After a quick meeting in the dark with the demure CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, a Google defector, she calmly agreed to the $4.9 billion deal to acquire Fumb1r.

Free Internet Wild West to be Finally Taxed and Shut Down

TEXAS - USA - As with all things new the days of the Frontier are gone, the internet Wild West is no longer a place where free speech reigned and people could download anything they ever dreamed about.

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