Drudge Report: End of Internet Era

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The invasive Obama-led Net Neutrality will spell the end of the internet as we know it, where all forms of free speech and political discourse will be censored by the state. Websites like Drudge Report will be removed.

President Obama and his administration’s long standing feud with internet freedom of speech, the Drudge Report, and any other alternative news source may come to an end soon as he unveils plans to completely clamp down on free speech with the Net Neutrality ruling.

“Net Neutrality gives the government in power the ability to remove from plain view any form of opposition or alternative viewpoint to the state’s political doctrines. If you wish to understand how this is done, please pick up a copy of 1984, by George Orwell. Thoughtcrime, doublespeak, political correctness, propaganda, and massive internet censoring that will dwarf what China is doing will ensue. There may even be arrests in the night for some, anyone who puts forward an opinion that is not sanctioned by the state could be arrested and detained indefinitely. As for Matt Drudge, let’s just say that he is toast, don’t forget what happened to Breitbart, Rivers and the rest,” an Obama official revealed on Monday.

  • gary hudson

    Drudge is an iconic figure in the US and he is well respected by a large portion of the population. If Churchill were alive today he would be a frequent visitor to 10 Downing St.
    Unfortunately in the UK most people are ill informed about what really happens here, so for that reason amongst others, comments coming from Britain about Drudge are nonsensical and most likely based on propaganda from the BBC and the news media.

  • Dialo

    I’ll do it better. Are they hiring?

  • timo

    My guess is they’re gonna take Drudge down with copyright. First they say that ain’t his original content. Truth is it aint he’s an aggregrator. Second Drudge may be rich but can he afford all the lawyer fees? Goodbye Drudge

  • T.W.

    Obama and his flunkies need to GO!!!