The Death of Quality on the Internet

LONDON - England - Quality on the internet is only measured by visits to a site. This is wrong in our book and a testament to ineffectual measuring practices.


Well, we feel there is no appreciation of quality any more on the internet, all advertisers are looking for is visits, they do not look at the quality, insightful nature of the content.

You can have a potato on a plate on YouTube getting 560 million visits and millions of subscribers, and they will have full appreciation from the advertisers and sponsors.

Quantity does not necessarily mean quality and satire is something that holds testament to that fact. By not being able to measure quality, the internet controllers like Google and key advertisers are overlooking the many sites who offer something new, refreshing and insightful, they are consigning whole swathes of innovators into the dust bin of inequity surpassed by banal plastic meaningless, art-less shit, not fit for purpose but as a twenty second flick by a surfer.

Our site has been punished by the un-mentionables ever since its inception and sabotaged on many occasions because of its content, but we survived that and are still recovering although daily more hurdles are thrown our way. C’est la vie.

As we mention on our Satire page up top, satire really is the last bastion of free speech and we intend to stick to our guns through all the bollards, walls, and other nonsense thrown in front of us.

By stifling satire, humanity as a whole suffers because the dissemination of real truth is thus stifled and the narrative is one of totalitarian dystopia and dictatorial conformity.

Ad-blocking has hurt publishers, in fact so much that many have gone under, however, we could take these ads off tomorrow and we would really love to but how the fuck would we pay for the beer?

The Daily Squib from now on will solely be producing cat videos with Justin Bieber soundtracks.

End of rant…