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Previously Mocked Preppers Now King

LONDON - England - Preppers who were previously mocked are now watching the rest of the population scrambling over empty supermarket shelves.

Selfish Parents Who Want to Keep Their Kids in School Condemning...

LONDON - England - Schools are being kept open during the deadly coronavirus pandemic putting children in danger of death purely because some parents prefer to work than look after their own kids.

Coronavirus – Cui Bono – Who Benefits?

LONDON - England - Cui bono? Who benefits from this particularly well-timed coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak?

UK Government Condemning Population to Coronavirus Death By Not Shutting Schools

LONDON - England - The government's so-called 'delaying phase' and not shutting down schools will result in the coronavirus spreading further deeper into population centres.

WHO – COVID-19 Fatality Rate Upgraded to 3.4% Will Rise Higher...

GENEVA - Switzerland - The COVID-19 coronavirus fatality rate has been upgraded by the WHO to 3.4%.

COVID-19 Coronavirus is Biphasic Like Anthrax – Contracted Multiple Times

LONDON - England - Coronavirus COVID-19 is biphasic like Anthrax meaning it can be contracted twice, making it even more deadly.

The Age of Reason: How Coronavirus Could Save Planet Earth

GEORGIA - USA - An urgent communiqué from a secretive internationalist group called The Aquarian Dawn describes the coronavirus pandemic.

Which Dating Apps Help You Get Infected With Coronavirus Quicker?

MUNICH - Germany - Dating apps are being used by millions of people worldwide enabling infectious diseases to spread faster than ever before.

Chinese Water Supply Contains Faecal Matter Aiding Spread of Coronavirus

WUHAN - China - As the Coronavirus spreads rapidly, no one is mentioning the faecal matter in Chinese drinking water supplies, especially when the Coronavirus has been found in human faecal samples.

What Use is Your Money When It is Infected?

BEIJING - China - During a pandemic, one thing people find out pretty quickly is that cash can be infected thus nullifying its worth.

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