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Hunchback of Notre Dame Takes Up Residency With Big Ben

LONDON - England - Jean Claude Junckimodo, aka the Hunchback of Notre Dame, has taken up residence in Elizabeth Tower where Big Ben is now silent.

Juncker Planning Trip to Moon 124 Billion Euros One Way

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Jean Claude Juncker and his team have been caught spending 500,000 euros of EU taxpayers money on two months of luxury travel. But that's not the end of it..

Retaliation: Google Could Show Juncker’s Search History

BRUSSELS - Belgium - According to reports in Brussels, Jean Claude Juncker is in deep panic mode, as American conglomerate Google could display his search and browsing history as a punishment for fining the vast company for manipulating search results to favour their own products.

Jean Claude Juncker: The Gift That Keeps Giving

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Ever since our delectable friend, Jean Claude Juncker has been the grand emissary and top unelected man of the EU, things have worked out very nicely for those who feel the bile coming up at every mention of the EU.

EU Releases Ransomware Virus Onto Brexit Britain

LONDON -England - The virus that has infected and effectively shut down 95% of government computers in the UK was penned and designed by a rogue group of hackers called the European Union Commission.

EU Attack Dog SS Colonel Selmayr At Your Service

BERLIN - Germany - SS-Verfügungstruppe, Colonel Martin Selmayr, a decorated officer of the EU army has been put in charge of punishing Britain during the Brexit process.

Brexit Juncker’s Disastrous Dinner Made Talks About Talks Trickier?

LONDON - England - As the EU27 agreed negotiating guidelines that promise pain before gain, an account of a Juncker and May vomitous meal exposes the chasm between them.

Juncker: “If Britain No Pay Brexit 50 Billion Leaving Tax, EU...

BRUSSELS – Belgium – The off the wall vindictive cognac swilling leader of the EU, Jean Claude Juncker has threatened Britain with war if it does not pay the £50 Billion Brexit tax conjured up by the fascist pseudo soviet bloc to punish the UK on its exit.

Juncker: “Brexit Will Not Protect Britain From EU Army Invasion”

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Jean Claude Juncker has threatened Britain once again, this time using the menacing spectre of a rogue EU army converging on our islands.

Welcome to Merkel’s Schengen Death Zone of Terror

MUNICH - Germany - The attacks occur daily within the Schengen death zone, and yet not a word from Merkel, the woman who invited millions of migrants into Europe last year causing a crisis of infiltration never before seen in the continent before.

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