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Military Experts: Why Bombing a Belief System is Futile

LONDON - England - As the indiscriminate bombing of areas in Syria and Iraq begins by the Western powers, there are questions which arise to its efficacy in completely destroying the perceived threat, a military think tank reveals.

House Approves Bill To Arm ISIS

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - More American weapons are being dispatched to the Middle East to help militant group ISIS on their campaign.

ISIS Display Their Newest Acquisition

MOSUL - Iraq - There has been a crisis in the ISIS camp as traditional beheadings are taking too long and causing a backlog.

Experts: Why ISIS Beheadings Criminalise All British Muslims

LONDON - England - British Muslims who overtly display their Islamic religion in public are now in danger, a new study has found.

Experts: Isis Could be Used to Defeat Iran

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Isis was the ace in the hole Israel, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. were looking for says a team of Middle East counter intelligence experts from the capitol.

Turkey Surprise Waiting on Kirkuk Oil Reserves

KIRKUK - Iraq - You'd think it's Christmas all over again, and the Turks in Turkey could soon be revelling in oil rich Kirkuk.

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