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Think Tank: “Why It is Impossible For Christian West to Win...

HELMAND PROVINCE - Afghanistan - The West is deluded when they think they can ever win a war against any predominantly Muslim country, a prominent think tank has summised.

Everybody’s Test Firing Missiles These Days

TEHRAN - Iran - First it was North Korea and now the Iranians are test firing their missiles. Is this a growing trend in test firing missiles?

Iran Claims to Have Sent Monkey into Space That Returned Back...

TEHRAN - Iran - Iran successfully launched a live monkey into space last week, the Fars news agency reported.

War on Syria Is War on Russia

DAMASCUS - Syria - As the Russian supply planes land at Damascus International Airport, the West is slowly realising that they will have to go through Russia to get Assad.

Ahmadinejad Opens Own Line of Tehran Dinner Jacket Shops

TEHRAN - Iran - "If you're going to get attacked, might as well dress in style" is the tag line for the new Ahmadinejad Dinner Jacket shops opened all over the city.

Iran to Send Monkey into Space

TEHRAN - Iran - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has unveiled a space capsule which will carry him into space, along with four new prototypes of home-built satellites the country hopes to launch before March 2012.

Iran Stuns the West by Announcing First McDonald’s Restaurant

TEHRAN - Iran - After threatening Western countries with a "big surprise to end all surprises" the Islamic Revolutionary Government has announced the opening of the first ever McDonald's restaurant in the country.

Iran Can Launch Shoe Attack at Anytime

TEL AVIV - Israel - Iran has now produced roughly enough material to make, with added leather purity, a single attack shoe that could devastate the West, according to footwear industry experts analyzing the latest report from global shoe inspectors.

Oil Futures Surge as Bush Plans Iran Invasion

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Long term oil futures have been rising steadily because of the Bush administration's plans to invade Iran before their reign of terror is over.

Bush’s Radioactive Dinner Jacket Party Plan in Iran

WASHINGTON DC - George W Bush and French President Nicolas Psychozy are scheduled to attend a dinner jacket ball on a sinking oil tanker in Iran's Strait of Hormuz soon.

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