Netanyahu: “I Saw Obama in the Back During My Speech at Congress”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - During his heavily applauded speech to the U.S. Congress on Tuesday, Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu said he was playing peek-a-boo with President Obama who was hiding in the back.

“I was looking over the floor, Harry Reid was near the front and I saw McCain and that crying bitch Nancy, then I saw him way in the back…Barack, his head bobbed up and down, and if he thought I saw him it would go down. I blew him a smackeroonie and shouted ‘peek-a-boo, I see you’ but much to my distress he didn’t stand up or applaud,” Netanyahu told Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

During the second part of his speech, the Israeli PM even brought out a screen to play a video accompanied by music from eighties band Europe.

“That was a nice touch. He didn’t bring out a crudely drawn picture of a bomb this time but a video. We applauded even more at the technical expertise of Bibi,” Republican congressman, Arnold Poindexter told CNN.