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Obama Family Purchase New Home in Tehran Iran After Trump Destroys Nuke Deal

TEHRAN - Iran - It has been confirmed the the Obama family are to move to Iran's capital city after President Donald Trump ruined Obama's Iran Nuke deal.

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The outraged Obamas are to flee their Washington premises after Barack Hussein Obama’s legacy is in tatters thanks to President Donald Trump.

“I remember that talk I did about Twitter nasty remarks, and how I said Donald Trump would never be president, and at least I was ‘a president’. It haunts me in my dreams now. Everywhere I look and hear the Donald, and he got me big time, not only did he become president, but in a short time he has done more than I ever did. My socialist Marxist dreams of a changed America are now in ruins as nearly all my efforts have been dismantled. And then he went and ruined the Iranian deal I made…I think I need to cry,” former president Obama told a recent reportage on CNN.

Real estate company, Younir has confirmed the purchase of an apartment in the Sahebgharaniyeh district, Tehran by the Obamas. An upcoming high end residential area of the city where embassy staff and ministers own properties.

To put into perspective the anger that emanates now from the Obamas, it’s way up there, over 170% over the boiling point.

“Our family have purchased a property in Tehran, Iran where we will live. Our daughters will attend an Iranian university and are already taking lessons in Farsi,” Barack Obama later revealed.

Michelle Obama and the two daughters are also getting used to wearing full head scarves as is required by women in public.

“Michael, ahem, I mean Michelle, will be wearing a full head dress over her head. It’s like some Islamic custom that she is required to wear that in public,” one of the Obama aides revealed.

The only problem is that in Iran homosexuality is punished with death, but of course that should not be any problem for Barack and Michelle Obama.


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