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First Look at Google Glass 2

MOUNTAINVIEW - USA - The second version of Google Glass has been revealed, hailing a completely different direction to the often-mocked glasses.

Self Driving Dukes of Hazzard Car Tears Up Google Parking Lot

MOUNTAIN VIEW - USA - When Brian Mensch, a PhD Science intern at Google has an idea he has to see it through or he gets a terrible twitch.

Why Google Glassholes May Need Their Own Island

MOUNTAN VIEW - USA - Maybe it is time that Google ventured into unknown territory by creating their own society, government and complete technical culture.

Bill Clinton Google Glass Video Feed in Great Demand

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Bill Clinton is to start wearing Google glasses wherever he goes.

Google Algorithm Caught Fighting With Yahoo Algorithm

MOUNTAIN VIEW - USA - The Google and Yahoo algorithms have been caught in a massive internet brawl that threatened to shut down search requests all over the internet today.

Why the Google Glass is the Next Step For Humanity

MOUNTAIN VIEW - USA - If you want to see the future of technology, then Google is the sure-fire leader, especially after the death of Apple visionary Steve Jobs.

Ed Miliband Better Beware of Google’s Wrath

LONDON - England - Labour leader Ed Miliband versus Google's Eric Schmidt could be a disaster for the former.

Google Robot Cars Involved in Road Rage Incident

MOUNTAIN VIEW - USA - There were frayed laser sensors and google maps yesterday when a convoy of google robot cars were involved in a mass road rage incident.

Can Google Predict the Future?

MOUNTAIN VIEW - USA - Some people think Google is God, some say that Google is Big Brother but whatever you may think about Google, it is getting so good at searches that predicting the future may be the next search algorithm they explore.

Google Cited in Drive-by Shooting on Facebook HQ

PALO ALTO - USA - In a tit-for-tat episode that is threatening to escalate the war between Facebook and Google, there has been another drive-by shooting at Facebook's headquarters it has been revealed.

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