First Look at Google Glass 2

MOUNTAINVIEW - USA - The second version of Google Glass has been revealed, hailing a completely different direction to the often-mocked glasses.


Leaks and photos show that the second go at the Google glass is bigger and brighter, as well as packing in more glass than ever before.

Google announced at the beginning of this year that it was halting sales of the eyewear, and that it would focus instead on a new version — a pane of glass. That new version has been seen for the first time, in new pictures.

The new Google glass is made simply from a pane of glass, as well as improved battery life to allow it to charge less simply because there is no battery. That is all packed into a bigger and more robust Google glass, which is waterproof but less resistant to getting broken as a pane of glass is easily breakable.

“If someone throws a baseball at the Google glass it could break, so keep the kids away from your pane of Google glass. It could get very expensive in the long run and shards of glass can cause injury to others,” a Google glass worker told reporters on Sunday.

But consumers won’t be able to get their hand on the new glass so they will have to go to a shop selling panes of glass instead. Google will only be selling them through a special programme that will see them go straight to people who specifically want a pane of glass with the Google name on it.

How Does the Google Glass Work?

“It’s a pane of glass about 34″ by 24″ and the glass is made in Italy. When carrying around your Google glass you have to be careful not to break it as it is susceptible to cracking if hit. One great thing about the glass is you can look through it, and if it rains, you can put it over your head, or on a windy day protect your hair style,” chief designer, Marslo Pankem, told Tech Wire magazine.

The device has been revealed in photographs submitted to the Federal Communications Commission in early December, and made public this week.

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