The Future Does Not Need Us

SECTOR ONE - EU - Crammed into your micro apartment you look out of your dirty port hole over the mass of blocks all holding millions of micro apartments.


You work 18 hour shifts, no holidays as these are luxuries of the past.

The A.I took the most important jobs a long time ago and now you’re left with only low paid government subsidised maintenance of machinery jobs.

Globalisation means that no one has a nation any more, with that the mass movements of displaced humans constantly churning over cities, the deluge creates a planet of misery, hatred for fellow mankind and detestation of the constantly changing pollution ridden environment.

Traditional food has all gone by now, instead humans are fed with a protein derived from mass farmed insects, a gooey mush that tastes vile to the palate but is your only sustenance.

Crammed into megacities, your life expectancy is limited as the privileged enhanced ones prolong, the rest die off.

There are now three major blocs all working in unison, Sector 1 under the E.U, Sector 2 Asia and Sector 3 Australasia. The former U.S.A never survived and is now a cursed wasteland, irradiated for the next thousand years.

As you sit in your cubicle, you are monitored for any form of dissent, your thoughts are linked through neural network chips implanted after the great war, this is your future, a terrible dystopian nightmare that used to be part of science fiction but is now reality.

Your only hope is to be terminated by the state, to clock out permanently although suicide is forbidden in the New World, to sleep perchance to sleep in the eternal darkness is your only respite. Rebellion, revolution is impossible as the weapons they have at their disposal are impregnable futuristic toys that can never be compromised.

When the agents come to your micro apartment you breathe a sigh of relief, one thought too many triggered off the bots, they take you to a liquidation cell and as the gas sears through your heaving lungs for the last time, you dream of open fields, long grass blowing in the wind and the gentle summer breeze on your cheek.