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Women in Cologne Are Snapping Up New Japanese Invention

COLOGNE - Germany - Following the sex assaults and rapes on women in Cologne and Hamburg on New Year's Eve, the demand for a new Japanese invention has surged.

Chancellor Merkel: Islamic Men Allowed Six German Wives Each

BERLIN - Germany - Speaking at the Bundestag on Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel has stipulated that each Islamic male is allowed to keep a small harem of German women.

Russians Deny Behind Istanbul Bomb Killing 10 German Tourists

ISTANBUL - Turkey - Three Russian suspects who were allegedly in contact with IS fighters in conflict zones and had provided logistical support to the group were detained by Turkish forces on Tuesday local news reports confirm.

Mass Migration: Germans Got What They Voted For

COLOGNE - Germany - The attack on women by young men from the Middle East and North Africa during New Year's Eve was a symptom of Angela Merkel's Laissez-faire attitude to the mass migration consisting mainly of economic migrants.

Give a German a Home

KINSHASA - Congo - Charities are appealing to kind hearted citizens outside of Germany to give a German person a home.

Historians: Was Hitler Right About the Future?

VOLKSHALLE - Valhalla - According to a group of historians, Hitler saw the future, he knew what would happen, and he tried to stop the terrible vision he saw from materialising, but failed miserably.

Germans Voted For Merkel Now Enjoy Mass Immigration

HAMBURG - Germany - There is hardly any mention in any main stream news about the huge influx into the country there are whispers, there is discontent, but mainly people are standing by just watching, silent.

Oktoberfest Changes From Last Year

MUNICH - Germany - The upcoming Oktoberfest is certainly going to be entertaining this year, so don't forget to bring your lederhosen, a truncheon and plenty of barbed wire.

Man Who Performs Uncontrollable Hitler Salutes Banned From City Centre

LLANDUDNO - Wales - Barry, 49, who performs Hitler salutes constantly has an affliction that dozens of doctors have not been able to cure.

Merkel to Star in My Big Fat Greek Debt II

ATHENS - Greece - German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is set to become a film star in the latest version of blockbuster 'My Big Fat Greek Debt II'.

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