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Free Speech: Political Correctness Just as Dangerous as Religious Fundamentalism

LONDON - England - Political correctness is equal to Islamic fundamentalism in its prohibitive behaviour towards free speech.

Lena Dunham Playboy Spread Goes Viral

LOS ANGELES - USA - Staunch feminist Marxist darling, Lena Dunham has recalled her jaunt in men's magazine Playboy where she contributed to a full page spread, without her younger sister this time.

Man Cries For Being a Man

PARIS - France - The other day a man on television broke down and started to cry for the crime of being male. He was made to feel ashamed for this very fact by simply wearing a t-shirt depicting scantily clad women.

The World Needs More Beautiful Femens Parading

PARIS - France - This is a plea to the authorities to stop arresting Femen women across the globe. Do not arrest them, it is not 'exhibitionism' as you cite when you arrest these young ladies, you are only creating more fuel to the fire box.

Experts: The Age of Women is Almost Upon Us

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - As the world gears up for the first female U.S. president, a think tank of anthropological experts reveal some thoughts on the present and future.

Kate Middleton is How Every Wife Should Behave

Brisbane - AUSTRALIA - Modern women need to emulate the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton in serving their husbands.

Small Enclave of Men Still Exists But Most Have Died Off...

LONDON - England - As the misandric, feminist, homosexual agenda creates institutionalised societal hatred of men there is still a tiny enclave of blokes alive and well deep in a secret location somewhere.

Pussy Riot Girls Free to Pussy Riot Once Again

MOSCOW - Russia - The two imprisoned Pussy Riot women were released this week under a Russian parliamentary amnesty.

Feminism Was Created by Men Feminists Discover

LONDON - England - A feminist has made a radical discovery that could change everything for feminists everywhere.

Extreme Feminists Growing Hairy Chests Say Scientists

BOSTON - USA - There is pride amongst extreme feminists around the world as new studies reveal news that being a feminist can result in a hairy chest.

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