The World Needs More Beautiful Femens Parading

PARIS - France - This is a plea to the authorities to stop arresting Femen women across the globe. Do not arrest them, it is not 'exhibitionism' as you cite when you arrest these young ladies, you are only creating more fuel to the fire box.

“What on earth are police officers doing arresting these young topless ladies? Has the world gone mad? These are young women showing off their boobs for gawds sake!” Lepter Samuels, 46, a gawping bystander told local French news reporters.

It is to the credit of Femen organisers that they only choose attractive women to display their wonders, as to have an ugly fat feminist would defeat the whole object of the exercise.

“Women have been using their bodies as weapons for centuries and we are merely doing the same. It is our ethos to use our breasts as titillating terrorists. The funny thing is, what we do is more of a reverse form of feminism, it actually indicates the profound ridiculousness of militant feminism because we are displaying our breasts to you in an angry fashion and you still want to kiss us. These breasts are still attractive to men, and they still want to love us, but we hate men, they love us for our beautiful form that nature gave us. We hate nature, we want to subvert what is natural, for a man to be attracted to our naked bodies is a crime, it is a rape on our consciousness, on our feminist hatred of the masculine. Sisters, we need to get more angry, until men do not see us as mere beautiful bodies but sentient beings, with our own minds and thoughts, our own beliefs. We hate our beautiful pouting bodies, we hate these glorious breasts gently lolloping as we run away from the police, we need to liberate Femens everywhere. Please photograph and film us more we need the cameras to see us at all times. If there were no cameras we could not be Femens. You need to see our bodies and our angry faces. We hope this turned you on,” Femen spokeswoman, Nancy Vadge, 21, told Le Monde from her prison cell.