Obama: Illegal Immigrants Want to Work Unlike African Americans

TEXAS - USA - President obama has been officiating another Immigration Reform push along the border by welcoming millions of dreamers into the United States.

“African Americans on the whole don’t want to work, but illegal immigrants do, now there’s the difference. They’re worth something and African Americans not so much. This is the message I gotta give, it’s a hard message to digest but this is why we’re bringing in millions of people into this country because they have a hunger to work — you guys don’t,” president Obama said at a recent Immigration rally which was marred by African American thugs causing disorder and mayhem.

“It is a sad fact that for hundreds of years, African Americans have not made their mark in business, education, science, innovation or entrepreneurship. Instead, millions of blacks are languishing either in prison or on welfare programs relying on EBT systems to feed their large families.

“The only thing that African Americans have contributed to society is a few excellent musicians and thug rappers and sports personalities. That’s it. We had some African Americans fighting in Nam and Korea in the sixties, some in the Gulf war, for that we thank the participants who did their duty for America.

Unintelligent African Americans on the whole are uneducated, they’re bordering on levels of retardation in fact, especially when it comes to intelligence levels compared to their white or Asian counterparts. Yes, we have affirmative action here in the U.S. but what’s the point I say in filling jobs just because someone is of colour? Why not put people in jobs that can actually do the job and want to do the job. Colour should not come into the equation at all.

“This is why we need immigrants now, and they supersede African Americans in all aspects including work ethic. Blacks had their chance to prove themselves over and over again, but failed. They’re bringing America down, every ghetto, every city like Detroit and Chicago. It’s like a goddamn burdensome cesspit now. They only know how to express themselves through gun violence, theft and brutality.

“I’m an African immigrant myself. I’m not African American, my parents and ancestors were not from slave stock. Now, please don’t say I’m abandoning you African Americans, you abandoned yourselves. Face it, there is no hope for you lazy clowns, sittin’ on your asses all day and stealing sneakers, doing your knockout games on whitey, flash robbing stores and causing riots in Ferguson. Yeah I wanna talk about Ferguson, that boy was rushing the officer, now get over it. African Americans are violent with huge chips on their shoulders, and think this through for one second, the law is the law, it don’t owe you anything just because you’re black. No mo’ gibsme culture please. If you do the crime, officer gonna shoot, that’s it no qualms, no crying over spilled black blood.

“The Illegal Alien Amnesty is going ahead folks, so reach out and embrace these wonderful people who want to work, who want a piece of the dream, because if they work hard enough they will get what you guys could not be bothered to get. They deserve it.”