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Experts: The Age of Women is Almost Upon Us

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - As the world gears up for the first female U.S. president, a think tank of anthropological experts reveal some thoughts on the present and future.

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“The death of patriarchy is nearing its final step, as socio-political movements within the western world shift the power base from men to women overtly.

“Destabilising the masculine is a tried and tested method in reducing power in societies, as the female takes over the reigns, men will be marginalised, reduced to ogling from the side lines.

“For the past two decades misandry has been encouraged in all forms of media, where men have been denigrated purely for being men.

“The war on men has also been a cause célèbre for the destruction of the family in all of its traditional biological forms. Where women in the past were the mothers, sisters, wives keeping families together, this no longer exists.

“The West must therefore prepare for increased societal changes that will promote homosexuality and misanthropy. Extreme feminism will make it a crime to enjoy the pleasures of the female form as their goal is to subvert human nature and emasculate all men.

“Hillary Clinton, once she is voted into office, will bring her skewed Alinskyite, aggressive feminist fervour as well as her deep seated hatred of men to the fore, her hatred for her husband deep down, is rooted in many of his dalliances. She will punish men as a whole for that, it is in her soul.

“Purging of the masculine, is an altogether effective technique in destabilising society so that humans can be weakened and controlled more easily due to societal breakdown. Strong societies are led by strong men and yielding strong women, this is not the case any more in the west.

“Western controllers like to display their supposed inclusive facade sometimes, with the first black president, and then the first female president. One must not forget the covert power is there to project diversity, whatever will work at that time will work for their own ends.

“The counter to all of this Western emasculation, is of course the East, which is now the masculine power. Where the West has promoted homosexuality and feminism, the patriarchal masculine side is exemplified in countries like Russia and areas like the Middle East.

“When it comes to war, the laws of nature have a myriad of strands that cannot be quantified simply, however the next conflict will determine the way the singular global governing force lies.

“With the underlying male and female characteristics of biological nature, the advent of AI systems and robotics, will in itself cause a challenge to the male and female concept, possibly eradicating these elements of biology completely.”

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