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Gordon Brown to Use Knife Wielding Thugs at Polling Booths

LONDON - England - Bullying Labour election campaigners are said to be recruiting as many thugs, hoodies and chav scum as they can find to man the polling booths when election day comes.

School’s Egg and Knife Race Ends With Multiple Deaths

MANCHESTER - England - A North Manchester school has failed to break all previous stab records today after a frenzied competition at the school's annual Egg and Knife race.

Teenage Murderers To Be Let Off If They Say Sorry Under...

LONDON - England - Teenage murderers, cut throats, slashers and shooters will escape any punishment if they agree to say sorry 'on the spot' under a proposed scheme.

Tourists Coming to Britain Advised to Wear Stab Vests

LONDON - England - Amid the frenzied mass stabbing event that is occurring in England at the moment, tourists entering the UK are being advised by embassies and the Home Office to wear stab vests whilst in the country.

UK Olympic Stabbing Event Unveiled

LONDON - England - The 2012 Olympics to be held in East London has a new event that sums up British culture.

Britain’s Got Stabbing

LONDON - England - Simon Scowell, Piers Moron and some dozy bint pick a winner out of the talented British knife-wielding thugs on display.

Fatal Stabbings at All-Time Low in UK

LONDON - England - Fatal stabbings have decreased by more than 3% since last year, Home Office statistics reveal.

Doherty Glad to be Back in Jail – Drugs in Prison...

LONDON - England - Pete Doherty is back in jail today. He is glad to be back in the UK prison system and proclaims the crack cocaine and heroin is actually much purer than the street.

Boy Considered School Outcast for Not Stabbing Enough

MANCHESTER - England - Twelve year old schoolboy, Kev Peters is today in hiding all because he has not been involved in enough stabbings like the other boys in his school.

Snopes Debunked After FBI Raid

LOS ANGELES - CA - Snopes.com the Urban Legend reference website was raided by the FBI in a massive operation yesterday.

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