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Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Gordon Brown: Scottish Independence Could Severely Hinder Scots Benefits System

FIFE - Scotland - Gordon Brown has warned that breaking up the United Kingdom would lead to the Scottish losing billions of pounds worth of benefits and welfare which they get from England.

UK Family Outcasts After Not Swindling Benefits System For Thousands

SCUNTHORPE - England - Just when you thought things couldn't get any lower in Britain, a family has been discovered living in the country who does not claim thousands of pounds on benefits and state handouts.

Think Tank: UK Benefits System Cause of Britain's Ruin

LONDON - England - An independent think tank has released a report detailing how Britain's welfare benefits system which costs the taxpayer trillions of pounds is sucking the country into a Great Depression.

Come to Britain £26,000 For Not Working and Breast Implants on...

LONDON - England - Millions of people in the world are itching to get to the United Kingdom to live a life of leisure and benefits from the state as new figures reveal the extent of the taxpayer funded lifestyle of unemployed Britons.

Scots Could Lose English Benefits Bonanza if Gain Independence

GLASGOW - Scotland - Millions of Scots will probably lose their benefits from England if the country gains independence, fearful Scots have warned.

Benefits Bonanza Means Increase in 3D TV Sales

MACCLESFIELD - England - The Chancellor's 6% increase in benefits payments means that the sales of high tech gadgets and leisure activities will increase thanks to the taxpayer.

Rioters Awarded ASBOs and Praised For Excellent Rioting Skills

LONDON - England - The capital's rioters were all awarded ASBO trophies and had their benefits increased yesterday by makeshift courts. They were further praised for their courage for rioting under adverse conditions.

Labour's Children Are Revolting

LONDON - England - As the smouldering wreck of the capital city is unveiled by the morning sun, the carnage of the previous nights festivities are uncovered for the whole world to see.

Jobless Scrounger Hits Jackpot After Eight Year Wait

WINDSOR - England - There really is help for the long term unemployed. After eight long years on the dole Waity Katie has finally hit pay dirt.

New Incapacity Benefit Test to Save Taxpayer Billions

HEREFORD - England - New incapacity benefit test strikes fear into the hearts of the permanently unemployed.

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