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Think Tank: UK Benefits System Cause of Britain's Ruin

LONDON - England - An independent think tank has released a report detailing how Britain's welfare benefits system which costs the taxpayer trillions of pounds is sucking the country into a Great Depression.

“The benefits system in the UK is not sustainable and has to be stopped immediately or Britain will lose everything,” Jane Ariana, a senior researcher on the ‘Fiscal Utilitarian Complete Kinetic Educational Directorship’ think tank, told the Daily Telegraph.

Ms Ariana added: “When you have people who are on benefits raking in huge amounts of cash weekly they are effectively being rewarded for idleness, this is utter madness. Benefits prolong the status quo whilst punishing those that actually work in jobs or run businesses. The socialist governments who created the unfair benefits system utlise it to get votes, however, we feel that a short sharp shock to the system needs to be implemented. The welfare state should be there only for the most vulnerable, and not the families shacking up in multi-million pound Chelsea mansions all paid for by the taxpayer.”

The think tank proposes that a complete halt to benefits is implemented immediately, as well as a halt in the National Health Service’s blank cheque to everyone and sundry.

Lowering taxes and increasing enterprise initiatives, as well as putting huge investments into apprenticeships would encourage growth in the economy once again.

“We need to make Britain friendly for companies to employ people, not inhibitive as it is now. The Chancellor, George Osborne, has effectively cut off Britain’s growth with impossible punishing business taxes, inhibitive taxation on all forms of income and further deterrents on business enterprise and success. If one is successful in the UK, they are derided and hated, whereas success in enterprising countries like America, is lauded and encouraged. We need to change the system in the UK. George Osborne has killed the economy just as much as Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling. If Britain wants to go ahead, either Osborne has to go or change tact,” part of the document recommended.

If the benefit plans are implemented by the government, there would be a two tiered approach to the problem of the money-for-nothing culture that has corrupted and defiled Britain’s wealth.

Firstly, all benefits would be stopped immediately, and only those with severe disabilities would be catered for. Secondly, the resulting riots that would naturally occur after the benefits are terminated should be crushed completely and the rioters taken to prison for indefinite terms where they would be made to work for no pay.

“The people who were on benefits will have two options, they can work outside of prison for pay; or they can work in prison for no pay. We need to adopt a sink or swim attitude to the long term benefits recipients,” the report said.

In addition to the internal population having their benefits stopped, the external migratory threat must be erradicated as well, with lax EU laws encouraging poor people from the former Soviet bloc to come to Britain and use up its resources.

“The UK is a tiny island with not much space or resources. If we get half of Romania coming over here selling Big Issue magazines and raking in £70,000 each in benefits, we’re not going to have much left afterwards. I guarantee that if benefits were eradicated completely, they would not come here anymore and pollute our cities and towns. There would not be any impetus for these leeches to even cross the Channel let alone board a Eurostar train. The French can keep them,” Johnson Elohim, another researcher on the project revealed.

Another proposal which could be utilised is the mass sterilisation of those on benefits so they do not breed anymore: “If you want to go on benefits, then we sterilise you. It will ensure that you do not pass on your genes to the next generation.”

Once the benefits system is stopped, a limited NHS can be re-started and after a decade Britain will thus be able to regain its economic health again eventually.

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  1. I used to work in a benefits office and I totally agree we need to sterilise the ones who are breeding too much. We sometimes go to their homes and see the gadgets that many on a salary can never afford. They should be sterilised if they want to keep their benefits. It's a fair trade.

  2. "When you have people who are on benefits raking in huge amounts of cash weekly"
    Huge? WOW. £53.75pw is a huge amount of cash? Try living on it then, for that well needed reality check.

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