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UK Family Outcasts After Not Swindling Benefits System For Thousands

SCUNTHORPE - England - Just when you thought things couldn't get any lower in Britain, a family has been discovered living in the country who does not claim thousands of pounds on benefits and state handouts.

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The family has been effectively ostracised from their estate and had to flee with their lives, after actually working and not sponging off the government with benefits scams.

“This is a very sad state of affairs. This family are a detriment to our society, they have shamed themselves by being self sufficient and actually working for a living. It’s disgusting that such a thing could happen. We need to hunt them down and make an example of them. One of them is actually partially disabled as well and not on Incapacity,” an angry resident of the Grubly sink estate in Scunthorpe’s Grimspit neighborhood, told reporters of the Daily Mail newspaper.

A national manhunt is underway for the family and there are even calls for deportation.

In the UK state funded aid is a normal way of life with benefits officers falling over themselves to give people thousands of pounds in state aid.

“I haven’t worked in years. I’ve got 3D 5K TVs in each room of my four bedroom end of terrace stucco mansion. I get £4,500 per week in benefits and never have to pay any tax or NHS, gym, cinema. We get a car allowance of £26,500 per year and my eight kids get free safari trips to Kenya, all on the taxpayer, except there ain’t many of those around anymore, innit,” Julia Mucker, 46, told the Sun newspaper.

Living on benefits does certainly have benefits, especially when you can take three holidays in a year, enjoy the rolling hills of Umbria in Italy, or the beaches of the Cayman Islands.

“We just got back from our usual jaunt down to Tuscany. We hired a villa there and stayed for two months. The wine is fabulous, really special stuff, but we brought our cans of Specialbrew because me and the kids wanted to get totally mullered,” Mrs Mucker added.

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