Illegal Obama Wonder Drug Hits the Streets of America

ATLANTA - USA - The FBI are warning citizens of a new dangerous Obama drug with the face of the president on the pills hitting the streets of America.

“This new drug is amazing. It gives you the sharpest, best high you can ever imagine in the beginning, but the downside is the low after the very short high. The come down from the drug can take literally months or even years and can cause depression, anxiety and pain. It’s not worth it folks, please leave this drug alone, it is devastating to one’s moral and mood,” a senior drug administrator for the FDA told the Boston Times.

No one knows where the Obama drug came from and how it has infiltrated the United States but some say it could have come from the East Africa region, near Kenya.

“In all my years in the FDA I’ve never seen a drug this bad. It fools people with an amazing high. You’ll never get that back ever because once you get the Obama high at the beginning, it’s downhill all the way from there. That is the killer right there, people can’t take that. They go nuts,” another FDA agent reported.

According to the FBI these Obama tablets have flooded the streets of America and are set to cause chaos and disorder soon unless something is done.

Either way, this is a bitter pill to swallow for those who have had the misfortune to encounter these Obama pills.