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Mike Tindall Invited to Play Special Rugby Match at Tower of London

LONDON - England - Rugby player, Mike Tindall, has been invited by the Princess Royal and the Queen to attend a special rugby match at the Tower of London, the palace has announced.

Speaking from New Zealand, Mr Tindall told BBC sports: “I’ve been invited to play in a special rugby tournament in the Tower of London. They said that I should go to the bit of the tower where there is a big piece of scaffolding and some kind of wooden block with a basket underneath. Then they said a big chap with an axe will come along to referee the rugger match. Zara said she wants to come and watch as well. I’m still contemplating whether to go or not.”

Those attending the special rugby match will only be royals and a few select civilians.

Mr Tindall is set to fly back to Britain later on today where he will be escorted straight to the Tower.

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