Foxy Knoxy to Become Instant Millionaire

PERUGIA - Italy - As the cheers went up in the Italian court, news of Ms Knox's freedom resonated all across the American media.

“We just got ourselves a millionairess and we’re going to milk this story till the cows come home,” John Bloom, a network representative for the CBS news outlet said at the retrial’s close.

Never mind the back door deals that secured the release of Amanda Knox, or the U.S departments who pulled the strings, this lady is now free, and tonight she’s going to find the nearest camera in the vicinity and get straight to work.

The bumbling Italian forensic scientists and police must be slapping themselves on the back as another subject walks free from custody.

Thank your lucky stars if you don’t live in America, because the next two months will have the US media completely saturated by Foxy Knoxy fever and will culminate in a bestseller or three, maybe a much anticipated Playboy shoot, or possibly even some merchandise.