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Football Hooligans Angry After England Lose 2018 World Cup Bid

LEEDS - England - There were full scale riots today in many major UK cities after the result for the 2018 World Cup was announced.

The English Football Hooligans Association (EFHA) were very disappointed with the FIFA decision to reject England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup.

“We’ve worked very hard for this bid. We haven’t rioted for more than a week. The 2018 World Cup was going to be an amazing violent event on our home turf smashing heads from all over the world,” Lee Travers, EFHA’s secretary, told the BBC.

44 Years of Hurt

When the announcement was made, hooligans from all over the country couldn’t hold back any longer and rampaged through city centres, libraries, shopping malls and at one town, a pet shop was reduced to rubble.

“I want to know why FIFA have passed over England’s bid? This is f*cking incomprehensible. I’m going to smash Sepp Blatter’s corrupt knee caps in with a baseball bat,” Mr Travers said before wading into a group of policemen in Leeds city centre.

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