Woman Pregnant After TSA Pat-Down

FLORIDA - USA - Eighteen year old Carmella Sanchez has been diagnosed pregnant after a sensual TSA pat-down, that some say went a little too far.

Carmella Sanchez, 18, was travelling from Florida to a nunnery in Boston when she went through the TSA checkpoint.

“I want to dedicate my life to Jesus and this is why I want to go and become a nun. My dreams have now been shattered because I’m pregnant. They took my virginity and that was meant for Jesus alone,” a distraught Sanchez said in tears from a medical facility in the airport.

TSA spokesman, Marvin Haggler, told Fox News: “We had to check for explosives. Maybe one of our screeners got a little too enthusiastic. We’re looking into getting him a promotion anyway. What you going to do about it? We’re above the law.”

Ms Sanchez was given a lift to her gate and put on another plane after missing her original flight.