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Gazza Saved Rooney Marriage

CHESHIRE - England - Ex-footballer, Paul Gascoigne is credited with saving the ailing marriage of Wayne and Coleen Rooney, Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson has revealed.

The standoff between Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen followed a crazy Tuesday in the couple’s Cheshire mock Tudor mansion, dubbed ‘Waynesor Castle’ – when fellow footballer Gazza got involved in the marital fracas.

The former England football hero turned up at the couples mansion claiming to be
a pal of serial prostitute user “Rooney” and bringing him lager and chicken.

Earlier there had been a bizarre mood as news spread that Rooney had finally been
cornered near the tennis courts – with paparazzi thronging the streets to see
what was going on.

The air of unreality was capped when Paul Gascoigne suddenly turned up
claiming to be “good friends” with the Manchester United striker.

Ex-Newcastle United hero Gazza, 43, arrived at the mansion gates asking to be
let through to speak to “Wayney” and clutching a dressing gown and a fishing

Gascoigne – who had apparently come by taxi from Newcastle – said he had
brought the distraught Rooney a “can of lager, some chicken, a mobile phone and
something to keep warm”. The former football star even had a toy parrot on his shoulder who he confided in every few minutes.

He told Tyneside’s Metro Radio: “He is willing to give in to Coleen now. I just want to
give him some therapy and say. ‘Come on Wayne, it’s Gazza’.”

Gascoigne, who appeared to be drunk out of his mind, claimed to know Rooney from his days as an England footballer.

He added: “He is all right – simple as that and I am willing to help him. I
have come all the way from Newcastle to Cheshire to find him.

“I’m risking my own life to make sure he is all right.”

Gascoigne also told Real Radio North East: “I heard he was by a pond, and I
brought my fishing rod too so we can fish together and have a chat. I want
to talk to him because I think I’m the only man to help him.

“All he wants to do is surrender his wallet to the old bag. I knew he’s a good lad.

“All I want to shout is ‘Wayney, it’s Gazza’ and I guarantee me and him could
sit and chat. I would say, ‘Why don’t you just leave the prostitutes, throw them in
the pond? Coleen’s not going to kill you’.”

He added: “He was like a gentleman – those whores must have wound him up. Showing off their tits and arses, it obviously was about 50 or 60 moments of madness.

“He’s a lovely bloke, I think he is frightened. All he wants to do is
surrender. I know he’s a good lad.”

Radio reporter Kate Adie said: “Gazza said he desperately wanted to help
his friend out. He said when he heard what was going on he and his parrot jumped straight
in a taxi to help.”

Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson, was yesterday praising Gazza’s heroism: “If he wasn’t as drunk all the time, I’d sign him up tomorrow. We need selfless, heroic players like him in our team.”

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