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Madonna in Training for Beijing Olympics

LONDON - England - Pop star Madonna has been in heavy training for the 2008 Beijing Olympics where she will be competing in the Shot put event for the USA.

Madonna has been working out for eight hours a day, seven days a week in preperation for the gruelling task of the Olympic games.

The pop star is determined to get the gold medal for the USA in the shot put event and judging by her biceps she/he is definitely going to be a formidable opponent.

She has been getting up at 3.30 am every morning for her strict exercise regime and has a personal trainer with her at all times.

Her husband, Guy Ritchie, supports her all the way and is even helping with her training by getting involved in arm wrestling matches with his wife during the evenings.

“I still have to beat her, but maybe one day, eh…” Guy told the Daily Squib from the set of his new film.

Madonna’s personal trainer has been singing her praises to all the media outlets and has even described the ease at which Madonna can hurl the Shots: “I’ve seen her pick up the Shot reserved for the men and hurl them 30 metres and not even break sweat. Last week we had the female Russian Shot put team in training here at Crystal Palace. Madonna walked up to them and threw one of the huge Russian women 20 metres. A lot of moustaches were ruffled that afternoon for sure.”

Madonna is always up for a challenge and it seems competing in the Olympics is going to be something she will really enjoy.

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