Comrade Harman Tours London Street

LONDON - England - Comrade Harriet Harman was spied touring the war zone sector of Peckham, South London yesterday.

During the high security visit by Senior Deputy Commissar of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman, the Comrade in arms with Supreme Unelected Comrade Gordon Brown, was protected by a phalanx of thirty Stasi Police officers.

Any proles within the area were told to stay back and were not permitted within 100 metres of Comrade Harman.

Wearing a stab-proof Kevlar vest on the London streets, Comrade Harman walked on the same dangerous roads as the prole masses and was not stabbed or shot once during the whole visit.

“By walking these streets I have shown the masses that we are living in a new era of safety and change. Since our Supreme Commander in Chief Gordon Brown was instated into our one-party system we have had unbridled freedom to walk the streets without fear,” Comrade Harman exclaimed to our reporter from the armoured vehicle after her tour.


Comrade Jacqui Smith buys a doner kebab in Peckham last month

Not since last month when Comrade Jacqui Smith of the Labour Home Secretariat decided to buy a doner kebab from a prole food stall within the sector has there been such daring shown.

She bought the kebab resplendent with a liberal dollop of chilli sauce whilst flanked by no less than ten armed Bolshevik soldiers.

  • Shoot2Kill

    Stupid limeys, you need to have police that carry guns like our country not some pussy police force with batons. I heard you guys even banned guns for your citizens! WTF is that about? Y’all deserve what you get! LOL No wonder we had to bail you out in WW2!

  • Brad Cohen

    Yes mr jamie from michigan, clearly us Brits biggest worry about crime isn’t getting shot, stabbed or mugged, its missing out on your very few pounds at the current exchange rate, d@mn, we’d better sort crime out or americans will start trying to lecture people, and with their record on crime in places like detroit, Michigan being so good, we’ll feel so bad about ourselves. MUG!!

  • Jamie, Michigan

    Me and my family wanted to come to England for vacation but from what we’re hearing it is a very violent place. Instead we will be staying in the US because it is cheaper and less violent. Britain has gone down the drain and hope they’re happy thay lost our business.