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Obamas Want to Take State Funded Space Vacation

CAPE CANAVERAL - USA - Barack Obama has vowed to take his family and extensive entourage on a three day space excursion paid for by the US taxpayer and engineered by NASA.

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“We take over 45 vacations every year each costing multi-millions of dollars  all paid for by hard working American taxpayers, so I want y’all to work harder because Michelle has asked me to gibs her a space vacation with all her peeps too,” president Barack Hussein Obama told reporters in the White House’s Rose garden on Saturday.

The brief sojourn into space will cost over $850 million but is considered pocket change with the amount of money Obama spends per year on entertainment, vacations and gifts.

“Michelle has to take her troupe of stylists, hairdressers, pedicure team, manicurists, personal trainers, dieticians and don’t forget the astrologers. The First Lady also has over 400 friends and hangers-on who will expect to be wined and dined at the expense of the the US taxpayer. Remember that ill fated trip to Spain a few years back? Well, this time Michelle will quadruple the budget spend and she wants Barry to pull all the NASA strings. If they can have a bouncy castle up there in the temporary space station for the guests, she will make damn sure that they get one. As for the food, it ain’t gonna be that nasty astronaut slop in plastic sacks, she wants Obama to fix it so that the guests get a real chef to serve up gourmet macrobiotic health food,” a White House aide revealed.

Many House Republicans have said they hope the trip is a one way ticket to some galaxy far far away.

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