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Freedom Advocates: "If You Don't Like the Trolls Switch Off"

LONDON - England - One thing that was always inevitable about the internet ,is that sooner or later the politically correct interfering meddling legislators would try and get their dirty way with the beauty of free speech which is found on the wonderful world wide web.

Analysing the recent headlines in the mainstream media, one may notice the sudden increase of commentators and voices calling for the curbing of the internet with Big Brother style measures that would make George Orwell f*rt into his copy of 1984. Certainly, these personalities are probably stooges being presented to the public as some sort of voice to take away internet freedom and bring in massive governmental controls citing abuse from ‘trolls’ as their raison d’aitre.

Governmental Troll Spin

The use of the Hegalian Dialectic as a reason to shut down internet freedom should be a worrying concern to every decent internet user and anyone who believes in freedom of speech.

If you do not have the hide of a rhino you should not be on the internet in the first place, let alone in parliament.

“You’ve got the arsehole Cameron-ite Big Society politically correct Stalinist do-gooders coming out of the woodwork, the Louise Mensches and other such attention-seeking celebrity losers out to chop up the internet. If you’re an MP you should be off the f*cking twitter and actually doing something useful for a change, not faffing around on your mobile phone. If they do not like the internet, get the f*ck off it. Do not switch your computer or smart phone on. Turn your TV off as well while you’re at it. If you want privacy, be private, do not parade your whole life in the public forum. It is inevitable that the internet does have a negative side, but so does human nature. You cannot curb human nature. When you’re on the internet you are swimming in the hive mind with millions of people, and human nature is messy, why try and put controls on human thought? Utilising pedantic time wasters like Nicola Brookes, these legislators are messing with freedom of speech and they should go away, they should leave the internet because the internet is something that was built for freedom; free knowledge, free software, free speech and free thought. As for the flapping female histrionics coming from the likes of Sue Berelowitz, over p*rn, it seems this is a concerted effort by the government. If you start messing with the tenets of freedom as practiced on the internet, then you are policing thought. That is what the Thoughtpolice are, and when you prosecute people for their thoughts, then you are making thought a crime (Thoughtcrime). Read 1984 and read it again, and again, to see what these shisters are trying to do,” an anonymous internet user with more sense than any of the ‘internet freedom killers’ on the loose said today.


The UK Coalition government has made its mission to shut down freedom on the internet, monitor all emails, listen to every phone conversation and make it a crime to speak your mind. Is this China or the United Kingdom?

One thing is for sure, if the legislators succeed in bringing in further draconian laws curbing freedom of speech, the trolls will not shut up because they’re part of human nature and exist outside the internet as well. Anyone with any know how on the internet can always mask their IP address anyway with the use of proxies, so any legislature is completely redundant.

Maybe, these internet legislators are a glimpse into the future when microchips will be implanted in people’s brains and any thoughts not sanctioned by government could be punished severely.

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  1. The internet,

    where the trolls are men, the men are kids, the kids are cops, and the girls are confused teenaged boys.

  2. Aside from the worrying "one-step-at-a-time" feeling about this, you know, there was so much protest over the out-and-out proposed measures to monitor everything on the internet, including personal emails, this feels like they have backed up and re-grouped on this plan and are sneaking it in the back door via one troll at a time.

    Here's how it should be handled:

    If you are a celebrity, you should be handed an official warning about internet use and "taking the good with the bad, this comes with the territory".

    Ok, personal threats are going too far, and there is too much **** that kids are exposed to, but the issue is that the govt are determined to find out and keep tabs on everything we do. This amounts to a fascist state. They don't really care about the personal lives of people who have bad things said to them, or the **** affecting kids, they are just using this as an excuse. They just want to have it all their own way. They can know what we're up to, but we can't know what they're up to.

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