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Cameron’s Big Brother Big Society Dream Comes True

LONDON - England - When the previous Labour government was ousted from power, people thought that the mass surveillance and loss of freedom would be alleviated by the Coalition government -- they were very wrong. Under the Coalition, loss of freedom and surveillance has increased tenfold.

Freedom Advocates: "If You Don't Like the Trolls Switch Off"

LONDON - England - One thing that was always inevitable about the internet ,is that sooner or later the politically correct interfering meddling legislators would try and get their dirty way with the beauty of free speech which is found on the wonderful world wide web.

Father of Internet Berners-Lee Arrested By Comrade Cameron

LONDON - England - Tim Berners-Lee, the Father of the Internet, has been arrested and detained by agents working for Comrade Cameron, after he dared speak out about the special surveillance Glavrepertkom.

David Cameron Launches His Big Society

LIVERPOOL - England - Prime Minister David Cameron is set to launch his "big society" drive today.

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