Scientists Unveil New ‘Debt Go Away’ Pill

ROTTERDAM - Netherlands - Scientists at the Van Der Sar Institute have revealed the new pill which they claim takes away people's debt in one fell swoop.

“All you have to do is swallow the bitter tasting pill, and you will have all of your debt completely erased,” Dr. Rodrigue Van Halens, who is heading the research team, told Dutch newspapers.

The pharmaceutical company that owns the rights for the product think that the debt pill could even over take Viagra in sales.

“There is a small compound in the pill that makes the recipient believe emphatically that they are debt free. You see, money is a state of mind, and it does not actually exist. Debts are created by bankers on a computer from nothing. They can just go to a pc, add on a few zeros and that’s your debt. It does not exist, and never did. Therefore, if you take the pill, you are simply realising the truth,” Dr. Van Halens said.

The ‘Debt Go Away’ pill will be released in 2030 and is sure to be a mega bestseller.