Michio Kaku and Richard Dawkins in Fist Fight Drama

LOS ANGELES - USA - The celebrity scientists were both attending the same book launch for some scientific tome, when out of the blue they started attacking each other.


According to reports from assembled revellers and science enthusiasts, the fight was started over who gets the most amount of air time on TV shows as experts in the field of science.

Mr. Know it all

Kaku was bragging that he gets paid to discuss fantastic scientific future events on TV sometimes three or four times a day to dumb but fascinated Americans, when Dawkins came in with a right hook connecting just below Kaku’s chin. Then Dawkins started spouting book sales numbers, and saying he was the real scientist and not some game show performing monkey like Kaku. This is when it went to the next level, Kaku who is Japanese, suddenly connected with a karate punch to Dawkins’ balls and the fight was over,” Bella Donna, a science enthusiast who attended the event, told New Scientist magazine.

Sadly the book signing was cut short due to the fracas and the police swooping on the two scientists.

One astrophysicist present said: “At least they should have discussed something more scientific. I can understand a heated debate about dark energy or perhaps where that pesky baryonic matter resides, or what caused the re-ionization of the universe 13 billion years ago. What a bunch of poseurs. It’s a good thing Stephen Hawkins was not present, he would have had both of them.”