Latest Thrill Seek: Getting Dragged Off a United Airlines Flight

CHICAGO - USA - Thrill seekers and extreme sports fanatics are flocking to United Airlines in the hope of being dragged off a flight.

Thousands of thrill seekers are flocking to United Airlines booking offices across the U.S. with the hope they get dragged kicking and screaming from a flight before it takes off.

“We saw that guy, he was treated worse than an animal being pulled by those burly thugs just so they could have a member of staff take his seat. It would definitely be exciting, maybe tie a bungee cord to your seat so when they drag you out shtooom you fly back in,” Brad Mycine, 21, an avid extreme sports fan told Fox News.

The way that some airline passengers are treated has always been a fascinating topic, however to pull people by their hair or legs off a flight is a next step in brutality.

Psychologist Dan Barnes tried to explain why United Airlines would do such a thing.

“They just don’t care, literally they don’t give a shit about paying passengers. They see so many every day, it’s like nothing to them to drag one off a plane. They’re conditioned over many years to not care or feel anything.”

One board member for United Airlines said: “The fuckers are lucky we don’t drag them off the plane at 35,000 feet.”