Snopes Debunked After FBI Raid

LOS ANGELES - CA - the Urban Legend reference website was raided by the FBI in a massive operation yesterday.

The Urban Legend website that sets to debunk many internet stories was yesterday raided by thousands of FBI agents in a dawn swoop that took the owners by surprise.

The offices for Snopes were housed in a disused warehouse near La Cienega and their location moved every week for the past few years.

“We could not trace where the Snopes people held their servers because they would move them every week. It is very hard for law enforcement to track down and bring to justice such sites,” Lieutenant Bill Rapaport told the Daily Squib.

Snopes who have claimed to be the upholders of all truth on the internet are actually a bunch of hoaxers who operate out of disused warehouses. It seems that they played on the fact that most Americans have to have everything explained to them and have no understanding of pathos or rhetoric. has been fooling American internet users for years and exploiting the premise that many of the population are not able to establish fiction from fact.

One distraught web user told the Daily Squib: “I was reading Snopes and the stories I read I assumed were debunked fake stories, but instead they were true stories and I frankly feel slightly cheated.”

Sniper Snoper

The owners of the offending website were marched away by a troupe of FBI agents after a protracted gunfight that lasted all of 14 hours. The Snopers even had a sniper rifle and pinned the FBI agents down in their vehicles for two hours. The Snoper gunfire from automatic machine guns then lit the whole neighbourhood up ending in a climax of TNT sticks being lobbed at the hapless agents.

The arrests were the result of a stakeout lasting two weeks and utilising state of the art aerial surveillance drones borrowed from the LAPD.

Chief of Police Dan Arbuthnot III Esq. for La Cienega PDA had this to say today: “We got ’em. It was hard but finally we got these Snopers for good, they won’t be out there on the internet claiming to be talking the truth with their propaganda lies. Snope my ass! William Faulkner sure has a lot to answer for.”