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Dumb Britain

LONDON - England - Britain under Labour has plummeted educationally in the International Education League Table. Is Britain coming close to the education level of the USA?


After ‘Nu Labour’s’ rallying cry of “Education, Education, Education,” when they won the general election from the Tories way back when, the resultant utter mess they have created and foisted upon this nation is all too horrific.

The streets of Britain are filled with demented knuckle-dragging morons in tracksuits and fake Burberry hats, scumbags on scooters zipping around the roads causing mayhem, underage pregnancy, unfettered immigration, drugs and booze amongst the feral rat teens, knifing and shooting incidents daily and truly hazardous levels of low-intelligence that beggars belief.

Labour is a government of waste and irresponsibility. An iatrogenic remedy dealt out to the perpetually suffering British public. Not only have they squeezed out a huge steaming turd onto Britain, but they have turned it into a morose cesspool of faeces rotting away in a toilet of ignorance and alco-pops.

International Education League table




1 Korea

2 Finland

3 Hong Kong-China

4 Canada

5 New Zealand

6 Ireland

7 Australia

8 Liechtenstein

9 Poland

10 Sweden

11 Netherlands

12 Belgium

13 Estonia

14 Switzerland

15 Japan

16 Taiwan


18 Germany

19 Denmark

20 Slovenia


1 Taiwan

2 Finland

3 Hong Kong-China

4 Korea

5 Netherlands

6 Switzerland

7 Canada

8 Macao-China

9 Liechtenstein

10 Japan

11 New Zealand

12 Belgium

13 Australia

14 Estonia

15 Denmark

16 Czech Republic

17 Iceland

18 Austria

19 Slovenia

20 Germany

21 Sweden

22 Ireland

23 France


25 Poland


Britain today is an open sewer and the smell is wafting down the education league tables of the world.

God forbid anyone send their children to a state school in the UK. At least the UK is nowhere near the USA in world education leagues. Or is it?

America in Reading was found at 89 just above Guatamala. In Maths, the USA faired better and was at 74 under Sub Saharan Africa and Bhutan. British educational decline is closer to the American model than you think.

The Labour government is charged with gross mass neglect since its unholy election wins. It has caused the greatest social, economic, educational decline in the nation since WW1.

A terrible detriment and blight to standards which are compounded every day by the sleaze, corruption and cronyism that defines the Labour government.

Amongst the repugnant chav celebrity scum like Lily Allen and other brainless Spice Girl aggressors of mediocrity and banality, the awful nature of a culture of ignorance and stupidity infects every part of our bleeding knife-fuelled binge society

Has American society and culture finally taken these shores fully? Let us introduce Miss South Carolina into the loathsome equation in the short piece below – she can’t string a sentence together but sure can suck the judges off like a pro.


George W Bush is not known for his intelligence or wit, but how about the stupid, ignorant and insular American called kellie pickler shown below in all her glory? She makes Paris Hilton look like an Oxford University professor.


Americans surely cannot be this stupid en masse? They re-elected a homicidal maniac monkey twice in a row. Britain did the same with Blair, so there are morons in both countries.

Dumb Britain? It seems the UK really is as dumb as the USA. Another great American export from Uncle Sam: stupidity, ignorance, insularity, junk food, jingoism, war, violence and cultural decline are now firm British themes to be proud of. It’s that good old ‘special relationship’ again.

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