Photo by Javon Swaby from Pexels

Online casino is bigger than ever both in the UK and worldwide. New casinos are cropping up regularly, putting more of an emphasis on the popular games of the moment.

Some online casino games are really moving to the next level. Explore major sites like today and you’ll find dozens of new variants on the popular games, as well as technological advancements such as live casino. In some cases, big name online casinos are even offering virtual reality gaming!

But what are the most popular casino games in the UK right now? And what will we all be playing as we move into the new year?

Online Slots

Online slots have really boomed over the last 12 months, and we’re seeing casinos and slot sites really go big on their offers in order to capture the imagination of punters.

Video slots are bringing a new lease of life to them and the big jackpots with simple gameplay continue to be a big draw.

Themed slots are capturing the culture of the day and offering relatable content that add that extra level of entertainment. They keep the slots market fresh and that continues to place it at the forefront of casino.

Online Poker

The big poker boom of the early 2000s has never really slowed down and technology is helping make online gameplay more and more realistic.

Virtual reality is going to be huge for this over the coming years as headsets become more readily available and the technology itself becomes more accessible and cheaper to run.

Even away from VR though the poker rooms are full, as punters try to win big. The number of online competitions, some even offering the chance to qualify for the World Series of Poker, is one of the major reasons as to why online poker is such a huge industry.

Online Roulette

The simpler forms of casino games always do well and remain popular and there’s perhaps no bigger game in the casino than roulette.

For many players it’s simply a case of choosing red or black, for the more experienced player, strategies are formed to really boost chances of a prize pot.

It’s a casino staple and really has transcended into the online realms seamlessly. It’s offered in various forms across every online casino, with European the most popular due to its power house edge.

For beginners in a casino it’s perfect, and with more and more beginners around its continuing to be a real force in the casino world.


Another simple but fun game is blackjack. Everyone who owns a pack of cards has played it before, making it a real popular choice. The more experienced players will choose an exciting variant, while those fancying a quick flutter are more likely to play the traditional format.

As with poker, tech is making it more life-like than ever with the introduction of live casino, while VR looks on the horizon too.

What’s more, it’s also the perfect game for mobile gameplay. With the mobile gaming industry worth over $60billion per year, it’s well worth it for online casino companies, and the simplicity of being able to stick, twist, fold, split and double, means only a few options are required on screen.