Make your nails look expensive this season. There is absolutely no way that you can be looking on point and have nails that make you look like you have been working at a farm. But if you have not really been paying attention to your nails this season then you have to.

This is the season when you take good care of your nails and show them off. The beautiful thing about nails is that they do not have a season. What are we talking about? Unlike legs when you say this season I’m not showing my legs because it is cold. I have to keep them warm. In as much as you might wear gloves, you cannot eat whilst you wear them. So at some point, you have to show them off.

Now without wasting much of your time. Have a read on what colours will never let you down. And will make your nails look like you have just won a million dollars jackpot from internet casinos.

Colour splash!

Have you ever tried military green? When we talk about colours that are not flashy but at the same time are modern and will make you feel elegant, then you have got the right colour. And people often make this mistake of wanting to decorate their nails. But what you have to know is that it doesn’t work with all nail colours only specific ones. With military green, leave it like that.

Hot pink is cute. But we feel that it doesn’t work on all nails but specific kinds. It will depend on the shape and also the length. But if you really want your nails to look glammed up then go for the Rhinestones as well. When put on the right way then you are guaranteed that you will be on the safe side.

Chrome is one of the currently popular types. You see the models at the best casinos online? Well, they use it to grab people’s attention. If you haven’t tried the chrome nails then you are definitely missing out. Whether it is in summer or winter whichever the season they will not let you down.