WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Is mutual assured destruction of humanity assured? Surely there must be a solution.

An essential problem that humanity has encountered in the last 50 or so years has been that we have discovered ways to completely annihilate ourselves from the face of the planet. This is a problem because of two reasons.

The first is that we are still a very long way from assuring our survival as a species. We cannot protect our cities from natural disaster including floods, earthquakes, mudslides and even Tsunamis.

And even the weapons that we create to kill each other so effectively with, we have not found remedies for them.

The second reason is scarier than the first. World leaders, the people who have the keys to Doomsday, seem not have matured socially.

This can be easily seen by their choice of isolationist strategies. These are ideas from a dead generation that did not leave in the global village that the world has become.

No longer can the success or failure of one nation or region be contained in that area. We are all affected by the decisions of people on the other side of the globe.

The Gambler’s Solution

At least we know that we will have one world leader who will understand the advice we are about to hand out.

Donald Trump, a casino mogul understands that to survive in life and real money casino games you have to be ready to respond to any change in environment.

The world’s social environment has changed. Things you could do and get away with a decade ago are now potent in killing a career than being bitten by a black mamba.

There can no longer be an arms race between a small groups of super countries. The technology they develop is now available to everyone.

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A probable solution is for the big superpowers to arbitrate smaller nations when they quarrel. By finding a win/win settlement point, peace can be secured in our lifetime.