5 Ways in Which You Can Rock at Singles Nights

LONDON - England - Getting back into the dating scene can be complicated and even nerve-racking at times, and many people avoid going to events catered specifically towards that, such as singles nights.

However, such dating events can be quite fun and who knows, may even help you find that special someone. If you’ve decided to go to a singles night in your town, congrats! Here are five small tips to help you ease yourself back into the scene.

1 Relax as much as you can

Be honest, you’ve caused more than half the stress you’re feeling right now yourself by thinking too much about how you’re going to act at the singles event. Just relax! If you’re relaxed and have an overall chill attitude, chances of impressing someone cool that’s caught your eye are even higher. So just lay back and be the best version of yourself.

2 Keep an open mind

Most of us like to think that we’ve got a type and try to stick to that. I, for example, always thought I liked tall, muscular, brunette men with beards and green eyes. While this type of preference is understandable in your twenties, after a certain age the dating pool becomes narrower, and you might find yourself to be interested in someone that is the polar opposite of what you’ve been attracted to thus far. Just remember it’s ok to go outside your dating comfort zone, and have fun with it.

3 Don’t judge people

Many people attending singles events in London are past a certain age, and might be divorced and even have a few children on their hands. Remember not to judge people too soon once you find out they’ve been down the aisle before. Everyone is pursuing a new chance at happiness, just like you.

4 Flirt as much you can

Singles nights are first and foremost about having fun and making the most out of your experience. Therefore, don’t be shy to get back out there and flirt as much as you can with whoever catches your eye. Even if you don’t end up building a committed relationship out of it, it’s still going to be very spiritually rewarding to play around a little bit and flirt with interesting new people.

5 Don’t get drunk

I know that drinking a little bit to get your courage up might sound like a good idea before a dating event, especially if you’re going for the first time and don’t know what to expect. However, remember that showing up drunk to such an event will only help you make a fool out of yourself. Nobody likes a drunk party pooper!