UK Cows Go On Strike After Beef Burger Scandal

NORWICH - England - British cows have gone on strike from John O'Groats to Lands End citing the intrusion of horses in beef burgers as the reason.

“We’ve been led to believe we were providing pure solid beef for human beef burgers for years but now they’re saying that horses have been doing it too. Frankly we’re disgusted at the news and refuse to give any more meat until we’re given our rightful place at the dinner table again,” Daisy, a British White cow told the Cow Times.

The widespread use of horse meat in cows was only published yesterday after scientists tested the DNA of numerous high street supermarket beef burgers.

The cows have said they will picket slaughter houses until horse meat is removed from beef burgers.

“It’s just not right innit. If you’ve got a beef burger, you want cow in there, not a f*cking horsey,” Brenda, another striking cow said.