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Obama Wants to Give Free Food to All Americans Plus Health Care

WASHINGTON DC - USA - After the massive landmark Obamacare bill going through last weekend, president Obama now wants to give every person in America free food as well as free health care.

“If Health Care is a basic human right, what about food?” says the slogan for the new Obama Free Food For All campaign

“Free Burritos for everyone is our next Dem deal. Not one person shall go hungry in America. You want a steak? You got one. You want a cheesecake? You got two. This is going to revolutionise food in America forever,” Barack Obama told Congress yesterday.

The cost of Obama’s upcoming Free Food For All bill is estimated to be about 134 trillion dollars per annum and these are of course conservative estimates.

Fat people across America, (98% of the population), rejoiced with joy in restaurants and supermarkets across the country after the announcement was made.

Sharonda Latrina, a 322 lbs. Obama supporter from Chicago said this about the new Obama Free Food bill: “Hawt diggedy dayum, I just told my whole neighborhood about this new Free Food bill. We just went got twenty buckets of fried chicken. Free food for life and free health care for life? I love Obama, he be the bomb.”

Obama’s Free Food For All campaign has taken America by storm, there’s only one slight problem — there is no money left in the US budget to pay for it, but shhh don’t tell the people or Obama that.

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  1. An aspiring politician back in the seventies suggested free basic foods for everyone. Available in all food markets. Flour, beans, powdered milk and one other. Farmers would prosper without subsidies. Everyone would have free access. Basic preparation would be necessary.

  2. We are all born on this planet, the food is a blessing from this planet. None of us should EVER have to pay for food. It's a fallacy of the monetary system, but since it exisists, then maybe the Government should provide free food. So if the cost seems prohibitive, maybe someone needs to look at whether secret black projects that cost trillions are more important than a basic right of every human on this planet!!

  3. And a free house for everyone? Surely housing is just as much a right as health care and food?

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