Home Remedies for Common Aches

LONDON - England - When you experience pain, your only mission is to stop it as fast as possible.


The causes for pain can vary from hurting yourself doing tasks to internal inflammation caused by weakening joints or muscles. Whatever the cause, the experience of pain is not a pleasant feeling, but luckily the remedies are not far from reach.

Natural home remedies can be used safely for most common pains and you should be feeling better after trying these following tricks and tips.

Rub the pain spot with home creams

For joint pain and conditions such as arthritis, homemade creams can offer instant relief. You’ll only need some cayenne powder, almond or olive oil and a bit of beeswax. By combining these together and heating in low heat, you can create a mixture to use when the pain strikes.

Rub the pain spot with the mixture and wait for the capsaicin from the pepper to heal you. Capsaicin depletes the substances behind the pain signals and you’ll end up curing the pain. In fact, capsaicin is used in many painkillers and heat creams you can buy from pharmacies.

If you want to skip making your own cream, you can find natural joint relief from retailers such as Native Remedies.

Get rid of sore throat

Bacteria in your throat often cause a sore throat. You should therefore combat it with remedies containing plenty of antimicrobial properties. Fresh garlic has been shown to possess these qualities in much larger quantities.

You can crush garlic cloves and mix them with warm water. Gargle twice a day with this solution and continue to do so for around three days. The warm water will not feel as harsh on your throat and the garlic will reduce pain and clear the area of any bacteria.

Eating fresh garlic can also be a good idea during flu. The anti-inflammatory agents will reduce pain and the antimicrobials will help fight the virus.

Bath in Epsom salt

As our foods have become more processed, we’ve started missing out on essential nutrients. One of the essential electrolytes we consume less is magnesium, which is vital for muscle health.

People who suffer from muscle deficiency can notice more pain, as the muscles contract even when you don’t want them to. By increasing your magnesium intake, you might get relief to your backache and muscle pain in general.

A good idea is to purchase Epsom salt from web stores like EpsomSalts.co.uk. Add the salt to your bath water and soak in it for 10-minutes and you’ll feel better. Alternatively, you could shop for magnesium supplements with savings codes from Affordable Supplements. Instead of searching the whole internet for discount codes, you can just hit VoucherBin.co.uk and enjoy the latest vouchers, organized according to your favourite retailers, all at one place.

Cooling a burn

As the summer is upon us, many of us unfortunately end up experiencing slight sunburn. Sunburn can be painful, but you can instantly calm down the irritation and pain with some aloe vera gel.

The gel works by protecting the burnt area from the air, which irritates the nerve endings that are exposed because of the burn. Aloe vera can also act as an anti-inflammatory, so it’ll help heal the burn quicker. You can find fresh aloe vera, as well as gels on the Real Foods website.

Combat nausea

If your pain is causing you nausea, then ginger can be used for relieving your pain. It’s possible to simply add a bit of ginger to your food or use ground ginger and mix it with warm water.

If your nausea is more severe, you might want to prepare frozen ginger chips. Infuse fresh ginger pieces in hot water and strain well. Freeze the pieces and wait until they turn into icy chips. You can suckle on these chips throughout the day, ensuring a steady stream of this anti-nausea cure for your stomach.

Fresh ginger won’t be hard to find, as you can simply purchase it from your local supermarket. You can also consider ginger capsules from Holland & Barrett.

Holland & Barrett has plenty of fans and YouTube videos are a great way to find out more about the brand. Check out the below video by Angela B Jessica, who is sharing her shopping tips and the health benefits of the retailer’s products:

Bonus tip for pain: Listen to music

Finally, if you are suffering from chronic pain, finding a cure can be much more difficult. The above home remedies might not completely remove the pain and even over-the-counter medicine can often offer no salvation.

Don’t give up hope, as music might offer relief. A study published in The International Journal of Nursing Studies examined music as a solution to chronic back pain. The patients, who listened to music for 30 minutes, felt a 50% reduction in pain.

Therefore, you might want to buy some music at MusicMagpie and distract your thoughts away from the pain and to the lovely sounds next time pain strikes.

Your home cupboards are already probably full of natural home remedies for these common conditions. All of the above cures are easy to obtain and they can relief your suffering within a few minutes.