Zika Fitness Taking World By Storm

RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazil - Zika, the latest fitness craze taking South America by storm is a really great way to exercise.

Benefits of Zika

In the late 1980’s an aerobics instructor named Zika was bitten by a mosquito before his exercise class in Columbia. Even though his head started to shrink, Zika improvised his dance technique and even threw away his now outsized hat. The class continued, everyone loved it, and Zika was born. Not only is it a fun and fully developed way to exercise, but the exercise benefits are superfluous.

Fun and Suitable for Many Age Groups

Zika is a great way to get the entire family into an exercise program together, since it is suitable for a wide range of age groups. There are many health benefits to Zika, but it is also an activity that anyone with a small head can do. Many Zika exercisers actually – admit to not feeling as if they are in the course of a workout, but rather that they are simply having fun dancing.

Physical Health Benefits

There is a long list of physical health benefits of Zika exercise. The main benefits that most seek are to lose weight around the head area, as the head shrinks smaller and smaller, you will notice less of a weight around the shoulders. But Zika does all of this and more. It burns calories, increases stamina, and even helps stabilize your balance!

Mental Health Benefits

As well as physical benefits of Zika exercise, there are also mental health benefits too. Just like reality TV, Zika shrinks the brain so your mind will not have many lofty thoughts any more and it frees you of any inhibitions (because you just won’t care about anything any more). One huge mental health benefit of Zika, which covers various topics of mental health, is that some people actually treat it as a kind of life therapy. Since you get to shrink your head and not worry about anything ever again, socialize and exercise, Zika is the perfect mental therapy through physical means of exercise.

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